Friday, November 7, 2014

What I learned from Steel Magnolias

Southern women

* Are very independent but..........
* Always go running to Mama
* Are usually always in a hurry and moving fast and  you should be too.
* Are very vocal about what they are thinking and they need to know what you are thinking as well so they can fix it.
* Southern women believe you are either with them or against them and they need to know which. They need to know if you are in their "tribe" or not. If your not, that's ok but they need to know so you can kiss their ass and they can bless your heart and everyone involved can keep moving.
* Southern men wear funny hats. They run for cover when their Southern Belle is upset and on the move. They know how devoted a Southern woman is to her family so when she is on the prowl and needing things done he better hide or be ready to be tasked because things have to get done.
* Old Southern women have dogs or cats, they have to have something or someone to take care of.
* We know that the key to having things go right at an important event is having a good hair day.
* When a Southern women is not feeling well it's just a challenge to keep moving anyway.
* Southerners know black people make great Barbeque. This is not prejudice or racist it is a fact and one they are all proud of in the South and a title they fight to keep.
* When women get together in a conversation only they know what's going on in the conversation and in the room.It is a room filled with frustration, laughter, sometimes anger and always random thoughts that come to mind but somehow it all comes together. They can skip from one thing to another with no problem and everyone feels apart of it and catered to in the end.
* When all else fails Mama breaks in or breaks down walls and takes care of things whether you want her to or not. We just know this.
* We sometimes are the roughest and most transparent to the ones we love and it sometimes scares them and we may not be to nice about it. But when it's their turn you scoot over and give them a seat to take their turn at falling apart, and that's ok.
* Old Southern women say what they think, watch out !  Don't ask if you don't want to know. A Southern woman will usually tell you how it is. We always respond honestly, just know this before you ask.
* If everyone in the room is scared to ask the question, the oldest Southern woman in the room will, and we depend on this and will back her up. Tell her the truth because she will be your biggest support.
* Southern men not only wear funny hats but they will keep pulling things from the garage or the shed till they get the job done. Kind of like Mary Poppins bag they seem to have everything hidden away just in case......
* We will tell you how stupid you are or how stupid you are acting but no one else is allowed to.
* If you do not want people in your business do not move to the South.
* We keep talking as we walk away and even from across the yard.
* We like to call the shots and be in involved, this means we fight. We know this and you should too.
* That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Our Motto !
* We will tell you when you are messing up. We also help you to clean it all up and gather the pieces when you don't listen.
* When things get to serious we laugh at everything even at funerals, laughter is how we survive. We have to let it out and then we need to laugh.
* Personal insults while we are upset are usually terms of endearment, just know this.
* When a Southern woman is finally wiped out and down for the count our men do not quite know what to do .
* We talk to you from the toilet; if it needs to be said, now is better than later.
* When grief comes we get busy. We find strength in trials by getting busy, don't stop us, just join in.
* We will not give up and if you try and make us we will hit you.
* We do not get tired we get driven.
* Your friends know when you have reached the point of no return and they will pull you back. However, they know you need to keep moving and watch for the perfect timing.When you finally "stop" is when you need them to pull you back and to take over. And they do.
* We are sociable and we are in this together !
* Southern women were and are the original "Smart Ass"
We keep moving, we are Steel Magnolias. We are all beautiful in different ways and secretly as strong as steel.
All women are amazing but I was lucky enough to be raised in the South where chivalry is not dead and politeness is laced into our culture and so is great iced tea. I am sure every region has it's own pledge and ideals however in the South we are an odd, proud and very polite bunch and we value good hair. To all the Steel Magnolias out there, I love you.



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