Tuesday, February 11, 2014

True friendship

   As I have grown older I have realized that the number of friends do not matter to me as much as being able to identify the ones whom are truly real friends. Life usually exposes them soon enough.You know, the friends you may not talk to for a year and you pick up the phone and picked right up where you left off. The friends you can ride in the car with and not feel like you have to talk for politeness sake. The friends who really know what your dirty bathroom looks like and at some point have probably cleaned it. The ones who have seen you at your absolute worst and the ones who know they need to pay for lunch today because your bank account is pretty much empty. Cherish those friends, they are a gift and forgive them when they act like an ass because they will forgive you when you do.  
Lots of love to all my true friends out there. 
Love, Kimberley