Friday, September 12, 2014

Step back Daniel son, step back !

   Near the end of the Karate kid part 2 when Daniel thinks he is pretty much a goner, Mr. Miyagi yells to him "Step back Daniel son, step back." The last bit of encouragement and advise he needed to win his fight, a fight that he did not choose but was thrust upon him. If you were a child in the 80's then you are most likely familiar with The Karate Kid movies. Mr. Miyagi was the sweet, proud face at the end of every Karate kid movie, the steady and confident voice of encouragement along the way. He was there to push you to what you thought were your limits, and then gave that little "push" that was needed to get you just beyond those limits. He was the voice of reason and kindness but he was also the one to arrive just in the nick of time to kick a little ass when you were in the corner. He was Mr. Miyagi, the face of YOU CAN DO IT in the 80's. He was there no matter what. Be that for someone in your life, be there and keep pushing.  

The face of "Well done" at the end of every Karate Kid movie

Oh crap, can I do this?
Mr Miyagi- $600 says he breaks all 6

He breaks all 6 pieces because of the confidence of
Mr. Miyagi, someone to believe in him.

Break out some old Karate Kid movies, it's good for the soul.
Lots of love, Kimberley


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