Monday, January 19, 2015

Goodbye for now !

   I lost a good friend to complications of cancer this past weekend. Who gets sick and who does not ? Who is healed and who is left to endure disease ? These are things we just don't know. I think it has been the question of all man kind since the beginning, how does God think ? If someone is diagnosed with cancer they must not have taken care of their bodies right ? If someone is not healed then their faith must have been lacking right ? Wrong! I have seen God heal many times and I have seen the most healthy and most faithful to God suffer the most or be taken back home to God early in life as well. We live in a fallen world full of sin by our own doing. From the time we are born we are all starting our journey to death, which is our way back to Home with God. We are limited by seeing time, God does not have those limitations, remember that. None of us are getting out of this alive, this life is but a vapor, a small tiny bit of all of eternity. We can choose our outlook and we can choose to lean on God through all our struggles and this journey of life. We can choose to be a leader and an example to those we leave behind. We are all going to leave people behind one day. My friend was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and always kept a smile on her face and her nails done regardless of how much pain she was in. In her late twenties to early thirties she had also been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and it had progressed rapidly over the years, she could barely walk. A few years ago she was diagnosed with Uterine cancer the same time I was. I watched her push harder then anyone I have ever seen to walk and live everyday life and now to endure surgeries and radiation and the symptoms involved with a bladder tainted by cancer and a liver not working due to cancer that had all spread from the original location of her cancer, her Uterus. She pushed and pushed and all the time talking about how God loves all of us and how she leaned on Him to get through all of this. God had blessed her with a beautiful daughter and she wanted to show her how to lean on God through trials. She wanted to show her that you can stay positive and classy and enjoy life even with chronic pain and sickness being thrown at you. Well, she did it. Even to the end she showed her daughter and everyone who knew her where she found her strength. Her strength came from the Lord and she stayed classy till the very end. Job well done my sweet friend. I was supposed to go see her and I had procrastinated over the past few weeks and got busy with life, I would go tomorrow, maybe later, I had time right ?  Never put off what God is calling you to do today. I missed saying goodbye by only a few days and now I will have to wait to see her. I will have to wait till I get to glory myself one day. I know she will be there patiently waiting while she runs and jumps and enjoys her new healthy body with no pain and while she holds her 2 babies she never met and walks and talks with our Lord. Till then my friend, I will follow your example and stay classy and reach out to others and lean on the Lord even through pain. See ya soon !


Love, Kimberley 


Taisha Wilson said...

Wow! That was an awesome tribute. I love you so very much for making yourself transparent and vulnerable to us all. Thanks for sharing and God bless you in this time of rejoicing because your friend is with our Heavenly Father. Love ya!


Jeannie Pallett said...

Not only was this a beautiful tribute to your dear friend, it was also jam packed with wisdom. Thank you for voicing your feelings and encouraging us, your readers to trust and not be afraid, to love and not judge and most of all to learn to not question why.

Kristi Miller said...

I'm sorry for your loss and also that you didn't have a chance to say "until we meet again." I know your friend would be blessed by reading this. I'm glad you pointed out that healing or lack thereof doesn't equate to a deficit in faith. One of my dear friends has a tremendous faith and her missionary work and prayer I believe have played a huge role in other people's healing though she hasn't been granted it herself. Still she presses on though and is just such an inspiration. Sometimes healing doesn't come in an earthly form... Right now she IS healed! She will never have to feel pain or suffering again, just basking in the light and love of our Savior. God bless.

Ariƫlla said...

Sorry for your loss! But I'm grateful for your blog post! We will be reunited with our friends and family who loved Jesus. Maranatha!