Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday night cooking extravaganza !

   My daughter now plans and cooks dinner for our little family on Monday nights. She so enjoys being in charge and picking what to make for her family. Cooking everything to present to her family makes her feel some ownership to the day to day happenings of our family and it helps her see that she is valued. I of course coach her as she cooks but she knows that I am coaching her with the goal that she will be able to independently cook from scratch meals for her self one day and her own family down the road. She appreciates that and Mondays are always fun and exciting in the kitchen. She cooked a banging meal tonight. Pork chops with a honey, butter and onion topping along with mashed potatoes and collards. It was amazing and all cooked by my very proud 12 year old daughter. I encourage you to get your kids in the kitchen and ask their advice as much as possible. No matter how fast the generation gap creeps up on you, you can always build a bridge to each other in the kitchen. Food brings everyone together !

Pork chops for dinner !

Lots of love,

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