Thursday, August 27, 2015

Turning Forty

     So I am turning Forty at the end of August of this year 2015 and I have not been to thrilled about it to say the least. I mean really, this girl still uses the "Twenty Nine" ( from her 29th birthday cake ) candle on her birthday cake every year from almost Eleven years ago. My Grandfather who passed on in his late Seventies was still 29 till the day he passed so I come from a long line of Young at hearts. I was sharing my distaste for the upcoming event with a friend recently who quickly put me in my place. Don't you love and appreciate those types of friends? Instead of dreading turning Forty she said why not look at it as your Graduation from your Thirties on to your Forties and leaving your Thirties behind you. Why not look at it as a time to be grateful that you survived your Thirties and that you have been given the gift of entering your Forties. She went on to say, start it with Thanksgiving and praise to God  and remember all the events that could have kept you from entering your Forties, God brought you through it and has kept you here. Well, she is right and how ungrateful I sounded. In my Thirties we moved three times, I helped my husband build a new Business from the ground up and then closed it four years later and followed a dream to foster and parent at risk youth girls at a Boarding School, paid off over fifty thousand dollars in Business debt, we built a College ministry at Church, I lost two friends/colleagues to suicide, lost two Grandfathers and my husband lost two Grandmothers. I struggled through over two thousand seizures, survived Brain surgery, went on to survive Uterine cancer, went through two years of post cancer surgery issues, helped and loved on a very dear friend as she lost her life to Uterine cancer, took on sudden surgical menopause like a champ, continued to raise and home-school my wonderful daughter, moved to a new state and started over, again. Without God's mercy, grace and guidance I would have never survived and my marriage would never have survived. So I stand corrected, turning Forty is going to be a celebration of God's grace and mercy in my life, a celebration of the gift of life and how precious and delicate it is. Turning Forty is going to be a new beginning and I am so grateful that God has blessed me with more time on this earth to make a difference for him and his Kingdom. I know He is not done with me yet. Forty here I come..........
Cheers ! to turning 40
Love you all,


Ryan said...

Epic post. are one tough gal and the best sister a guy could ask for. Happy 40th!

Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

Ahh thanks. Your not bad your self. :)