Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Taking life back

     Life is fragile, life is short but life is beautiful and precious and full of opportunity even through trials, yes especially through trials. It's ok to fall down and its ok to get down and sickness is not usually invited but you get up and you fight. Even one spark can start a roaring fire. Find your spark and know that to someone somewhere you are the world and you may help them find their spark and remember that they to matter. Even when you think no one sees, don't be fooled, God sees and He has left a spark for you to start an explosion. My sweet baby niece is finding her spark now fighting Leukemia and my cousin who is just taking on the world as a strong amazing young man, he too is finding his spark fighting Leukemia. My brother is spreading his wings starting over his life in a new state and he is finding his spark as well, he is discovering how much he has to offer and that the world is so full of opportunity and his fire is roaring. Keep fighting Clara, Evan and Josh  you are an inspiration to everyone around you.   

Find your spark !
Love, Kimberley
Enjoy this amazing song and find your spark 

Rachel Platten  -  This is my fight song


Ryan said...


Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

I think you should get the whole family together for a family flex picture to mail to Clara in the Hospital. She loves "Fight Song" that I have attached to this post. Everyone in the video is flexing or showing their strong arms. Would take 20 minutes, have everyone meet at Laura's house and set up a camera, watch the songs video together and then snap a PIC. Your the oldest, I am putting you in charge. I am the bossiest but I am not there. So........... FLEX