Friday, November 8, 2013

An afternoon face lift

A quick face lift !
My daughter's bathroom is a bit plain and needed "something". I remembered being at a friends house a few weeks ago and she showed me some new things she had done to decorate her house. One thing that stood out to me was that she "aged her walls" in one of her bathrooms and the room had an old Americana look to it.  The idea is kind of like when your child needs paper to be antiqued for a project and you soak the paper in tea and it comes out looking old, well, same idea. So, I found some old stain my husband used to stain the deck in the basement and went to work. I poured about half a cup of stain in a cup and used an old rag. I dipped the rag in the stain and rubbed it on the walls, I used another old dry rag to rub over it to get the excess off. So now the walls look a little richer and the browns in her shower curtain stand out more because the walls have a leathery look, but the light blue still shows through. I again used some very in expensive baskets  as a waste basket and a holder for extra rolls of toilet paper that I placed on the back of the toilet. I placed some stairs in front of the sink that my daughter used when she was little to climb into her big girl bed. Now she uses the stairs to see in the mirror. This whole face lift took me about two hours. The stain I already had, but if you need to buy some you only need a small amount so you could find some for under five dollars. The baskets were a dollar each and I re-used the stairs, something I already had, but stored away. The carpet around the toilet I had but had stored away after I re decorated a few years back but I held onto it. Try not to throw things away that could be re used later. Find a place to keep a stock pile. Sometimes after you have not seen something for a while it looks new again re used somewhere else later. Don't be afraid to try something crazy or copy something you have seen in someone else's house, you never know it might turn out. I placed pictures below, what do you think ?
The shower curtain was the theme
            Before                                                                                      After



      Teamanfamily said...

      Looks really good!! I like the americana look too:)

      a.jones said...

      I really love the updated look. Great Job!