Thursday, November 7, 2013

Free Stuff

One man's trash is another's treasure !!
I just scored this table set pictured below for free. My neighbors were dragging it to the curb for trash pick up or people passing by to pick up for "free" so I nabbed it. I plan on sanding it down and re-painting it a color that works best for me. It is solid wood and a great piece of furniture. If I cannot use it then I will sell it when I am done with it so it can bless someone else's home.Never be afraid to stop and look at things that people may be discarding or stopping at Yard sales, you never know the treasures you may find. You can keep them or "flip them" and make a few dollars to buy things you do need for your home. One man's trash is another's treasure. My father is a master at Yard sales. There is nothing he cannot find and he always gets a good price because he is not scared to ask and talk with the sellers. I learned from the MASTER.
 I will post pictures to let you see how this table set turns out.
 Happy Treasure Hunting !!!!

1 comment:

Teamanfamily said...

Cute table!! It doesn't even need painting. I like those colors! I love free stuff!! Perfect table to sit and drink your hot drink:)