Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hospitality in a minute


Hospitality in a minute !!! 


I stole this idea from a good friend who is a pastors wife. She had a table in her kitchen that was set up all the time for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, she called it her "hot drink station". This way at a moments notice if people came to visit or if her husband came home with someone who needed ministering to then guests could feel welcome and make themselves a hot drink. At the last minute if she needed to host a party or give a shower for a new mom or host a Bible study then she was ready to go. Put some cookies out and she was ready to host guests. If you are busy running kids here and there and cannot be home when your husband comes home don't worry. You can set the timer and have coffee or hot water start brewing in your coffee pot a few minutes before he is supposed to come home. Set a few cookies out on a pretty plate and leave a note. When your husband comes home then whether you are there or not, you have just welcomed him home. If your coffee pot has a timer then it will automatically shut off if he is running late. Hospitality does not have to be complicated, think smart and always be ready, that way entertaining guests is not a burden. Your family will also enjoy having a special drink station to make hot cocoa or herbal teas on cold afternoons. Above is my drink station. I have an area of my counter that was perfect. I used things I already had to decorate and the variety of coffee, teas, and hot cocoas were very inexpensive, you can even find those items at the dollar store. I placed my variety of teas in a basket I got for a quarter at a yard sale. I love baskets, you can do so much with them. Have fun creating your drink stations and be ready to make people feel at home.

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Teamanfamily said...

What a good idea! The kids would love it if anything. They are hot choclate junkies! I'm going to do that in my new kitchen!