Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Decorating with food and treats of the season !!!

Have you ever thought of decorating with food ?

   In the picture below I spent very little for a Fall display for a shelf in my dining room. I picked up the Basket Cornucopia for 3 dollars at a craft store and the glass jar at the dollar store. The ceramic pumpkin was actually a craft set I also picked up at the dollar store and my daughter painted it for me. It's fun to get your kids involved in helping you to make your house a home. I filled the glass jar I bought at the Dollar store with popcorn I already had and of course will use it as time passes. So  my grand total was 5 dollars plus the cost of the popcorn, but the popcorn actually came from my food budget. Its fun to use seasonal food to decorate with. In the summer, bowls of fruit serve a dual purpose, both for decorating and eating. In the Fall, Apples, different gourds and pumpkins and such can also be displayed and then eaten. Christmas time is especially fun when you can decorate with candy and  gingerbread houses that your family can later enjoy as treats.  


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