Thursday, October 17, 2013

Utilizing baskets

   Above is an old tobacco basket like the ones used in the south to store and dry tobacco. My husband acquired this for free years ago and I have had it stored because I was not quite sure what to do with it. I finally decided I wanted to display this old piece. I gathered some things from around the house and the attic and took a trip to a few thrift stores as well as the Dollar store. Raffia can be bought at the Dollar store and is a good thing to keep on hand to attach things and add a bit of charm to decorations or to finish off gift bags. Always try to have some on hand. As you will notice here I used raffia to attach some old kitchen items and a picture frame I found at the dollar store as well as some flowers I already had. Fake flowers can also be found at the dollar store or you can pick wild flowers and dry them and use those to decorate with, which is free and free is always better.  I have this Tobacco basket hanging in my Dining room which has an early 20th century farm house feel to it. This can also be done with any basket you can find at a yard sale. I find baskets sometimes for 25 cents a piece. You can hang them and use them as a shelf or shadow box to display things you love or use them in a bathroom to roll and store guest towels or extra rolls of toilet paper. Below is a picture of a basket my daughter has displayed in her room with keepsakes from Girl Scout camp. The basket was a whopping 1 dollar. The other basket below is a cute Heart basket my daughter found for a quarter at a yard sale and she has that on her wall as well with a few fake flowers in it. Hit some yard sales and thrift stores when you get a chance and you will be surprised at the cheap baskets you can find and how much you can utilize them to decorate with. Happy basket hunting !!!

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