Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Contentment in 2015

   Worry and anxiety are sometimes natural things, I worry sometimes and maybe sometimes too much. However if we feed it too much it can rob us of true contentment and keep us from enjoying life's moments. How you ask? Because we are not really in the moments of our life if our mind is worrying about something or somewhere else all the time. I know too many that never enjoy anything because of trying to control everything or worrying that others cannot possibly do things as well as them or pondering what MIGHT happen. It is a trap and one in the last minutes of your life you will look back on and regret. In the end no matter how much you tried to control or how much you worried you are going to have to hand it over and leave it all behind anyway. So why not hand it over now and breathe a bit and enjoy the one shot you have at this life and enjoy the people around you and the life around you. No one is really in control but Almighty God. Once you learn that He will not have to prove it to you anymore. Enjoy life and enjoy the people who love you.

Let Go In 2015
Be free........
Love, Kimberley 


Cheers !!!


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