Friday, November 14, 2014

Harvest Time & Simple Fall Decorating

   We went to a great local farm and played in a corn maze with our daughter and picked pumpkins to decorate with last weekend. We enjoyed a hayride and a lot of fresh air. Decorating with plants and veggies of the season is a very frugal way to pull in the beauty of the outdoors to the inside so your home can come alive with the change of seasons. Bundles of corn, pumpkins and gourds all are easy to decorate with. Throw them in a basket and place them around your home. You can cut some beautiful branches of the vibrantly colored leaves that are bursting with color and place in what ever containers you have and place around your home as well. Happy Harvest and happy Fall everyone.    
I love the way the sun shines through all the corn that is ready to harvest.
Which one do we choose ??
Greens ready to be cooked up with some bacon and placed on the table.
Thank God for Farmers, I love seeing the farmers hard at work this time of year here in the North East. How blessed we are in this country.
My daughter really loved the green pumpkins so we went with that and I am really glad we did. I love the way it looks.
I have an antique preserve crock so I gathered dried lavender I had stored that was harvested from our yard, cinnamon sticks, a few gourds and a fake flower and threw it all in this basket and there ya go, a center piece, along with my green pumpkin.
Colorful leaves placed in another antique crock I have, free color. Love it !

Happy Decorating

Love, Kimberley

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