Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas trees

It's funny how when I was a young wife I would see all the amazing trees all decorated up at the malls and in the city squares and I would drool. I would never be happy till I could have a tree with all matching ornaments and maybe even a THEMED tree. Maybe one day whenever we had enough money, maybe then. Now as the years have passed and I have 18 Christmases under my belt and times I could have afforded monetarily to have one of "those" trees, I don't want one. The tree with all the matching ornaments or a theme all its own is not as appealing and  I really just love my old ornaments. The ones given to us on our first Christmas together as a couple, the ones from vacations, ones given to us as gifts from my mother, mother in law or students I have taught or mentored over the years. One of my favorites is a blue ball that I glued a picture of my new baby girl on years ago when she was born and I hung it on the tree. We did not have money for a fancy new "Baby's first Christmas" ornament so that was the best I could do. I still use it every year. I have saved every ornament my daughter has ever made me over the years. Even the paper garland you see on my tree behind me and paper crosses she cut out when she was 7 and placed on the tree. Now I am content with my 5 foot tree that I put up every year with all the ornaments I have collected over the years that all mean something, and no, none of them match. But I love it and am very happy and content with my Christmas tree full of love and memories that we put up to celebrate our biggest gift of all, which was Christ Jesus. It's hard sometimes with all the hustle and bustle around us to keep focus on what is real. But friend don't loose sight of the baby Jesus in all the mess, focus on Him and your loved ones.

                                                          Merry Christmas !
                                                           Love, Kimberley  


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I love our mismatched crazy looking tree! Especially since all the ornaments are at the top this year and the bottom is totally empty cause of Willow.

Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

I remember those days, wish I could get them back, they go by too fast. Mine was a monkey and climbed everything and put everything in her mouth. awwww