Tuesday, February 4, 2014


   Well, Miss Contentment is a lot more content these days now that I have my baby girl back homeschooling with me here at home. That has always been a way of life for us and it works for us. We already have a field trip coming up to a TV station and one to a facility that teaches you how to tap trees for the sap and how to process and make maple syrup and maple products. She has started her own blog to archive and talk about her love of discovering Gods world through photography.  Check out her blog here at http://learningaboutgodsworld.blogspot.com/ Her grandmother bought her a new camera for Christmas, because I broke hers ( oops ) , now she can continue to cultivate her talent, thank you grandma. She also listens to orchestra and cello music while doing her studies and bops around wanting to learn more and more. We are planning hopefully to take her to Ellis Island this year if we can some how afford it. She is reading an amazing book now on the whole process of the Statue of Liberty from idea to its being here today. I have had a ton of health issues this past year but now that I am back to what I feel God wants me to do I am feeling better and have less time to worry about pain because I am busy watching my baby learn. Below are a few samples of my daughter's photographs she took last Spring. I am so proud of her.

Stay warm everyone

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Laura Beth Cottle said...

Hey I didn't know you were homeschooling again - good for you!!! I think I have talked myself into homeschooling next year too! I think mostly based on our talk we had a few weeks ago. Good luck and have fun!