Friday, May 30, 2014

Reality check !

   I love living in an area laced with farms, orchards, animals, family farm stands and all that goes with it. I grew up in an area that was very much the "Haves" and the "Have Not's". I was very much reminded of the fact that I may not have as much as my neighbor by the absurdly gigantic homes and neighborhoods that we were surrounded with. Although where I grew up was great in the standards of most American towns and if you were to pick it up and put it anywhere in the USA it was a great place to live. But I think it was hard to see that when there were million dollar homes all around me all the time. Where my husband and I live now is a small town and we are surrounded with agriculture and country homes on quiet roads and tractors drive by my house everyday. There's nothing like the stench of cow crap on a humid afternoon when your driving with the windows down to remind you that you are not all that. Everybody's poop stinks, even the cows. Don't compare yourself to others, just be happy that you are alive, that you are free in this country to live and worship and never look at those million dollar homes and thank they have it all. The woman in that house may have an unfaithful husband, a child in a grave or just be lonely and may trade places with you in a minute to come live in your little condo or your little house with all that you have been blessed with. So when ever you may be feeling that tingle of lack of contentment take a ride on a country road and take it all in and  remember in farm country like where I live we, like the cows are all the same, stench and all.

Choose Contentment !
lots of love,


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