Monday, May 12, 2014


   So, I rushed to get my work in the barn done today, made dinner and made it to soccer practice on time and........ we didn't have it. Oh joy, it was moved to Tuesday and I forgot and um....... I am the assistant coach. I should have caught that one. Ever have a day like that ???? We all do sometimes. Being a mom/wife/homeschool teacher/coach/board member for 2 boards and all the other "life" things get to me sometimes. I am sure they do you sometimes as well. It's Ok just keep moving or in the words of Dori in the "Finding Nemo movie", just keep swimming, just keep swimming !!!!!!!!!


Sabrina said...

I totally understand where your coming from. At times you can feel at a loss, all you can do is "just keep going, going, just keep going". Love Dori - She's such a smart fish!

Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

Yes that is all we can do, keep swimming ! :)