Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Road trip

   Went on a road trip with a friend and my daughter today to a great store in Virginia called The Old Lucketts store. We got so many great ideas for things we can re create for a bit less cash and we got to enjoy visiting during our travel time and my friend treated us to lunch. Destination trips are so fun. Just pick somewhere you would like to check out and nab a friend and hit the road. It is amazing how just walking around a great store that has refurbished and up cycled so many great pieces can inspire you to do the same with things you have sitting in your own garage. Sometimes a trip just "looking" can inspire you to save money by just changing things up a bit or re arranging in your home to freshen things up. Sometimes you don't need "new" things you just need to rearrange and paint and up cycle a few things and before you know it you have a great new look in your room. I encourage you to take an excursion and look for ideas the next time you find your self bored with your surroundings before you start burning up that credit card. You just may get inspired and gain some insight on what to do as far as re decorating and may not even need to buy anything new just re-purpose things you already have.

Happy Decorating!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like such fun ,but everyone here is working or in school at different times ! Glad you were able to go sounds so peaceful .

Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

I suppose weekends and summers are good times for destination trips like this or evenings if you travel somewhere close. Happy Summer !