Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some new projects

I needed to switch my window boxes around so I decided to display my daughters latest pottery creation along with some greenery and wild flowers and berries from the yard in a milk glass vase. Besides the small cost for my daughters pottery class that is all my display cost me. I keep a stock pile of milk glass vases, glasses and bowls and switch them out all around the house. I personally love milk glass and was fortunate enough to inherit quite a bit. However if you do not have a grandmother who was in love with milk glass like mine was you can find it anywhere from thrift stores to Antique malls, it pops up everywhere.

Once again I settled on more milk glass for my other window box, surprise, surprise. I nabbed these great painted ducks from my grandfather, he loved to share all his antique findings with me. So I paired my ducks along with some more greenery and berries and flowers. I think it goes well together. You could easily find similar items at yard sales and greenery and flowers from outdoors is always free.

I love blue glass. My smaller pieces I got from Jamestown Virginia, they were hand blown by craftsman there at the historic site. The tall piece is a wine bottle that was the perfect cobalt blue and matched them perfectly. Some wine bottles or sparkling grape juice bottles come in bottles that are beautiful hues. Save them and remove the labels and fresh picked flowers look great in them. I like sitting these in the window for the sunlight to shine through.

This was a project for my daughters room I just did. The basket I got for a quarter at a yard sale, the frame I got for free after a yard sale was done and the lady having the sale was just giving things away to get rid of stuff. I spray painted the frame with a bottle of spray paint that cost around six dollars and I have plenty left for other projects. The decals  I bought at the dollar store and they are removable so when I want to change things around later it will be easier, I purchased two packages for one dollar each and the dried flowers in the basket I plucked out of a display of flowers from another area in the house. So the grand total for this so far is $8.25. I plan on putting a photograph of my daughter in the middle of the frame. The big frame will serve as a boarder. I think it turned out nice and was frugal to do. Just have to have a bit of imagination that's all.

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