Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Live like you are dying

   These thoughts by the wonderful Max Lucado are a good reminder as to what is really important or what should be most important to us all. It doesn't matter if you or I agree with these ideas or not, because we will all experience this, we will. I think the Egyptian pyramids that are still full of all the stuff they thought they were taking with them is proof enough that it all stays here. We let so much get in the way of spending time with our loved ones. Some things that come to mind are work, money and the seeking of money, TV, booking our schedules to full of "good things", our own insecurities, our "stuff" and our protection of our "stuff", refusing to forgive, being to busy with our own needs, not taking the time to acknowledge people standing right beside us hurting because we are tired from talking to people on Facebook that we never see in real life, pride and the list goes on. However in the end it all stays and we will wish we made time for the people who loved us and the people we loved. Make a choice today to step out of the rat race and slow down and notice the people around you and make them matter most now because they will matter most in the last few moments you have here on earth. Thanks Max Lucado for such a good reminder.

Lots of love, Kimberley

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