Thursday, August 14, 2014

Simple Summer project !

   This is a project my daughter did this week. It was super simple and turned out really nice. We went to the library and she picked this picture out from photos online. She loved the detail and how it reminded her of the beach she loves so  much. We printed it out there at the library which cost us all of ten cents. We then used a frame we already had that I have put different pictures in over the years. I switch stuff in and out a lot. The picture is a 5x7. She hot glued sand dollars and a sea shell from her shell collection to the right of the frame and she cut out some beige paper and rolled it to look like the letter in the bottle and hot glued that to the left side to bring the theme of the picture onto the frame. She is very proud of it and it would be very simple to do this type of thing with your kids and do any theme they like or that you like. Yard sales are a great place to look for frames that are very inexpensive and you can load up on them and save them for when you want to do a project like this or just change your pictures around in your house.

Happy Decorating

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