Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weight of the World

   We visited a church today and the Pastor said something that really put into words what I feel sometimes and what I see around me and even within my own family. He stated that we sometimes put the weight of the World on our shoulders thinking we can handle it when in reality the weight of the World was meant to be handled by and held up by "God", not us. So we struggle. We pride ourselves in the information age we live in but because of this we are bombarded with the tragedies of this Nation and every Nation on a day to day basis every hour of the day and it eats at us. It used to be that we may know the tragedy of the family next door or what was going on right on our street and we would watch the news to see what happened in another area of the world once a week. Now within minutes we can know what is happening as it is happening clear on the other side of the world and we are bombarded by it through the TV, the Internet and Social media. It weighs on us and it affects us whether we want to think so or not. The same with our broken hearts and broken relationships and problems in our own lives, they weigh on us because we try to handle them ourselves when we should be letting an all knowing, perfect God hold them up and we should give these worries to him. We should forgive and release the things that hurt us so we can be free and not weighed down, we were not made to handle these things alone. Don't be fooled by the enemy when he leads you to believe that forgiving someone releases them from how they hurt you, it doesn't. It releases you, because chances are that the one who hurt you has sense moved on anyway and you are the one trapped baring the weight of the world. An interesting thought to ponder. Months and months ago we canceled our TV to just unplug from the drama. We still on our terms go online to sometimes look at what is going on in the World and we look for the ways we can pray for people but no longer do I let all the death, sin and tragedy weigh on my shoulders. I always pray for the World I live in and make myself available to be Gods hands and feet to help where he needs me to however I do not need to immerse myself in all of it all the time. I challenge you to turn off the news channels for just a week and see if you feel less stressed and feel more mentally available for Gods work in the world directly around you.
Lots of love, Kimberley


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