Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pumpkins and vines................

   I was inspired by the October addition of Better Homes and Garden and it got my juices flowing to decorate for Fall. So a trip to the Farmers market for pumpkins and gourds and a trip to the attic to pull out decorations I have used for years and it is now officially Fall at my house.

Luckily I have collected cobalt blue hand blown glass for years. So recreating the look from the cover of the Better Homes and Garden magazine was pretty simple. If you do not have any blue glass I have seen pieces that are fairly inexpensive at retail stores or you can buy a bottle of wine with glass in a hue you love and save it like I did, pictured on the left.  So, you get a nice bottle of wine for dinner and a bottle to decorate with.

Mix dried flowers and fresh flowers or greenery with your faux flowers to liven them up and to spice your look up a bit.

Of course I included some Milk Glass pieces. Everything pops and looks so homey in Milk Glass.

I mixed dried lavender from my yard with silk flowers that I already had and pulled a few more greenery pieces from an old wreath . Always try to re-use or re-purpose things you already have before going out to buy new items.  Remember to add to your stash of decorating items through out the year by hitting flea markets, yard sales and estate sales. You can use these items over and over in different ways. Sometimes just the right nick knack can bring the theme you are going for all together.  

Happy Fall everyone
Love, Kimberley