Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wall Pocket Lavabo Bowl

   This is a Vintage, Fenton Crystal ,Hobnail Milk White Glass, 2pc Wall Pocket Lavabo Bowl Planter. Normally I have seen them range from $50 to $100 at Antique malls and online. I found this at a yard sale for 1 dollar. I almost squealed with delight but my husband hushed me. He said "Kimberley don't cheer just take the deal and run." I have been wanting one of these for some time but kept hoping I would find a better deal and I sure did. Patience pays off. I filled it with "free" flowers from my yard so all I have invested in this is a Dollar. It pays to shop yard sales. There is a section of the newspaper that advertises local yard sales and of course people place signs on the road, next time why don't you stop. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Love, Kimberley

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