Sunday, October 12, 2014

Apple Harvest and BBQ

   Fall brings so many wonderful new colors and smells and the best of all is the bountiful harvests and Festivals that remind us of how blessed we are here in America. My husband, daughter and I kicked off the Fall season last weekend harvesting apples at a local fruit farm with our daughters homeschool coop. This weekend we volunteered and barbequed chicken for our local 4H club my wonderful daughter is involved in at a local Apple festival to benefit 4H. We had a ball and this southern girl learned some tricks for barbequing from some Yankee men who have been volunteering their time to barbeque for the 4H club at our local festival for over 30 years. One of my favorite things was spraying the BUTTER/APPLE CIDER mixture on the chicken towards the end of the cooking to give it that amazing crispy buttery crust. Joining in and taking part volunteering at local festivals is such a great way to get to know your neighbors and to usher in the change of seasons and enjoy all that brings to spice life up a bit.

Loading hundreds of chicken halves on the custom made grills.
These men and a few of us women were elbow deep in chicken
for over an hour and loved every minute of it.

Placing the chicken over the flames and hot coals.

Wow isn't this a site?

Sizzling chicken !

Can you smell it ?

Almost ready for butter and apple cider.

We used a device usually used to garden and spread pesticide which
 worked beautifully to spray the chicken each time it was flipped. We
loaded this baby at least 4 times and sprayed and flipped, sprayed and flipped.

A very happy BUTTER QUEEN !!!!! 
A big shout out to the real Butter Queen, Paula Dean

Our finished product. Yum !

Happy Fall Harvest everyone
Love, Kimberley

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Does the world have a map? said...

That is so cool. I have never seen chicken cooked like that before.