Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Holiday Contentment

    Often when the Holidays hit we see a need to go way over board with decorations, food, traditions, new clothing and the list goes on and on. We all do it and I have done it as well, a lot. We end up with large sums of money being placed on credit cards and more decorations to shove in the attic the day after the holiday is over. We watch and cringe as chocolate bunnies get smeared all over the new fifty dollar dress we bought our child to shine on this glorious holiday. Why do we do it ? As my husband and I approach twenty years of marriage I have noticed I have begun to simplify over the years and I have to say it is nice. Last year we were low on funds and believe it or not I bought my daughter and I matching t-shirts at the Dollar Store with matching scarves to throw around our necks as Easter outfits. A whopping two dollars an outfit. We wore them with jeans and sandals and we loved the outfits just as much as the expensive ones from the past Easter Holidays. We laughed and posed for pictures the same as every year. I think we can find contentment with whatever we have, it is all in our attitude towards it. My daughter had no ill feelings when wearing her new,cute Dollar Store outfit last year because I had no ill feelings about it. Our little ones reflect our attitudes. So this year be content in what you have and what you can do for prepping for the Holiday. Find joy and contentment in what you are blessed with and choose to be content with what you haven't been given and lets choose to remember the meaning of the Holiday. We do not need all the fancy stuff the T.V. commercials say we do to remember that we are loved so much that Christ chose to die in our place, to sacrifice for our sins, so we can enjoy Eternity with our God. What a sacrifice and what a blessing and what love shown to us. We sometimes get so busy preparing that we don't stop and just say Thank you and accept that it was done for us. That's all God asks from us.

Happy Easter everyone and may you  rock out your Dollar Store T-shirts or the like this Easter Holiday and love it.  

Contentment is a choice, the more you choose it the easier it gets.
Lots of love,

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