Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Candle tricks


  I purchased the above candle holder at Yankee Candle Factory store about 10 years ago. I love being able to keep a candle burning in whatever room I display this candle holder in and I have had it in several rooms throughout the years. I love Yankee candles but because Yankee candles are so expensive I have not always been able to afford to have them in this piece. I have frequently found candles on sale that come in a jar and they work just as great. I have found another trick to save pennies as well. When the candle in your jar burns down and is ready for the trash do not throw it away. I went to a dollar store and bought some cheapo short pillar candles and I dropped one right in over the burnt down candle that came in the jar. It melted and you could never tell that's what I did. Candle light adds a special glow to the room. Now you can do it even cheaper when you need to. 


Anonymous said...

I have remelted candles in the oven and combined them or changed jars and dishes.

Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...
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Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

That is a wonderful idea. Gotta try that one. Love, Kimberley