Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Involve your children in decorating more then the fridge!


   I love to use seasonal pictures to decorate with. In the Spring it is  so nice to look at beautiful blooms framed on the walls indoors as well as outside. The Summer brings endless opportunities to take beautiful, bright pictures. In the Fall I love putting pictures around the house that reflect the beautiful changes going on outside on all the trees and orchards around us. In the Winter I love putting up pictures of snow scenes and snow birds. I have involved my daughter in this process and it makes her feel valued and apart of making our house a home. I have a few places in the house that I have black frames hung that I purchased for around $5.00 a piece. With the change of the seasons my daughter  starts scouting pictures to take outside of the beauty that surrounds us. We pick her best ones and have them printed out for around $3.00 a print. It turns out she is a great photographer at the tender age of 11. This has encouraged her love of photography and has encouraged her to want to take more. I save all the pictures and of course we do re-use some of them at the change of seasons. We also encourage her to take new ones and she always surprises me with the great shots she captures. She loves to show people the pictures in our home when people visit. Words of encouragement build confidence in a child.  

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