Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wreaths for the holidays

   The Holidays are coming and its time for wreaths on the front door or around the house and they are expensive. So what's a girl to do? Think ahead for the future and purchase wisely. I purchased these vine wreaths at Hobby Lobby 11 years ago and I am still using them. They have been wreaths for my front door, centerpieces on my dinner table or decorated as a centerpiece on my counter in the kitchen when entertaining guests.They have been decorated and on my daughters wall when she was younger and I am STILL using them today. I do believe I have gotten my moneys worth don't you ?  I have decorated these wreaths with so many different things over the years. They are a blank canvas. You can put FREE fresh flowers from outside, greenery or leaves from outside on them and they look beautiful. You could also purchase some fake leaves and  vines and raffia like I did and maybe some things that keep the theme of the holiday or time of year you are decorating for like Mr. Scarecrow on my Fall Harvest wreath pictured below. Some of these items to decorate the wreaths with are widely available at your local Dollar store as well. When you want to re-decorate your wreath remove the decorations and place them back in your STASH for later, if they are fresh decorations then of course you throw them away. Have fun making your wreaths for the upcoming Holiday season.

This large vine wreath was purchased
for a thrifty $10.00  it measures about
14inches tall.

This is the wreath after I decorated it
My daughter decorated a smaller wreath that was purchased for under $5.00


My daughter decided to make the wreath she decorated a centerpiece tonight for the dinner table, she did this all on her own.

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