Thursday, November 14, 2013

Uterine Cancer awareness. I fought like a girl and I am a survivor

Fight Like a Girl Wristband - Uterine Cancer (Peach)
  Peach is the color for Uterine cancer awareness. I am a Uterine cancer survivor. Please, always keep all the people in this world battling cancer in your prayers.They are fighters and fighting a battle they did not "choose". These fighters  really have a true perspective on life, that life is short and we must enjoy and cherish every moment for we never know when we will be called home. When you are suddenly told that your days may be short you see the world in a different way. Funny thing is, all our days are numbered but we get so  busy with "life" and we forget that fact and we don't always stop to "smell the roses" as often as we should. Getting a cancer diagnosis for me made me aware of all the Roses I was passing by due to the business of life. So my lesson from the Good Lord in my battle was to "slow down" and that I surely will. The website listed below has an abundance of items you can purchase to show support or purchase for your loved one fighting their battle.  

Ribbon Awareness Car Magnet - Uterine Cancer (Peach)
Ribbon Awareness Cap - Uterine Cancer (Peach)

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