Friday, January 17, 2014

Bunny heaven

   Dutchy the rabbit did not make it. She died in my arms at 7:14 AM this morning. I was up with her most of the night. I put her in her cage a few times to make her comfortable and every time she would start grinding her teeth as if to say "hey lady, come get me I am dying here, I want some company". I gave her water this morning and  a nutrition supplement but I could tell her little insides were just not working anymore. So I wrapped her up in a blanket and laid on the couch with her and petted her nose and stroked her long ears. She started squirming as if to say "nope, I am not dying" and she started moving her little legs like she was thinking of running in her head. I stroked her head and talked to her and she gave out a few little noises and gave in. I am sure you think I am a bit crazy but this little rabbit has been a pet for my daughter for 6 years, I have seen her dressed in baby doll clothes and held like a baby most of her life. I have seen her walked on leashes by a sweet little girl, and she kept my daughter company on many a camping trip. She never bit or was difficult she always went along with my little girls notions to drag her around and play. I could not let her die alone in a cage. That got me thinking, no one should have to meet their last breaths alone. They should know that someone in this life is there that cares. Now I have known some who have enjoyed the company around them and then held on to pass away when they were alone, after loved ones went home, my husbands grandmother did that so did my grandfather, but as they declined someone was there. Up until those very moments, it must be nice to know someone cares and to have someone stroke your hair. Makes me realize how many old folks are tucked away in rest homes where they see no one they love anymore, everyone is too busy and living their lives. Take time today to see someone who is alone whether in a rest home or not. Take time once in a while to go see that loved one in the rest home, if you have no one, stop by a rest home anyway. I guarantee a happy face will be glad you did, someone's waiting right now.  

Happy Friday everyone

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