Saturday, January 11, 2014

Surfing !

   Hmmm Thinking about surfing when there is snow on the ground isn't to bad, I live in the  North and its stinking cold up here. But it's the other kind of surfing that comes to mind right now. The kind you must do to survive the waves and rough waters of life. We do not know when they are coming, we live in a broken world. But when they do, jump aboard and "surf". If you wait to complain or see what others are doing or you are just too lazy or your faith is lacking due to FEAR then chances are you will drown. Life is not always easy. But all those waves can make you one AMAZING surfer. So when you are out there riding those waves and looking all sleek because of all your "practice" others will look on. The others who have not had their tidal waves hit yet will watch and they will wonder, they will wonder how does she do that ? How can she be surfing through that with such grace and ability? Well be ready, they will ask. That's when you finally get to see why, why you had to ride the wave in the first place. First to strengthen your own character and bring glory to God and secondly to help someone else. When you get to help someone else dust off their surf board and pull them back up on when they fall off "again" then you will "see".  We are here for each other.
   I understand how hard it is to smile and pick up your surf board and run out and catch a wave again. With over 500 seizures, brain surgery, 2 years of hemorrhaging and uterine cancer and a full hysterectomy, and half my body struggling with nerve damage from these surgeries under my belt, four moves and a failed business venture, believe me I know. I understand ! I rode those waves and still look to the horizon for more approaching ones. But isn't that growing up ? Realizing that we are not 10 foot high and bullet proof, that we are not invincible. Choose to smile and live and Surf instead of drown.
Choose today to surf, I would love to also introduce you to  my life guard, he walks on water. His name is Jesus  !

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