Monday, March 17, 2014

A blind step forward

   The smell of paint in the air, organizing and deciding what to throw away and what to keep, cleaning and staging, this will be my life for a few weeks along with homeschooling my daughter. We are letting go of material possessions, the main one being our house in search of more financial freedom and hopefully the need for my husband to work just one job instead of 3, imagine that. Life is about so much more then stuff. I have seen people I love and cherish over the past few years go to the other side and ya know what? They did not take a thing with them except a coffin. I did a Bible study this year and one thing I remember reading is that none of our "stuff" is our stuff we just think it is. We are stewards of God's stuff, he gives us things, sometimes for forever and sometimes just for a while . So it is not my car it is God's, it's not my house it's God's. So now that I have changed, or tried to change my view of the "things" God has given me stewardship over letting go is not so hard. If God wants me to have this house he will provide means to keep it, if He doesn't then it is time to let go and seek what he has for me next. I believe sometimes we miss out on blessings in our lives because we are scared to let go of the now for fear of an unknown future. It is hard to let go of comforts and things we feel we have worked hard for. But truth be told, no matter how hard we worked God still provided it not us. So I am letting go and am grateful for the opportunity we had to live as a family in this cute little farm house and now I am excited to see what God has next. Wahoooo  here we go.  I have posted the quote below before but now it seemed  appropriate to post again. In the words of my brave and adventurous daughter when we moved 5 years ago, " Here we come new life !! "
Lots of love, Kimberley

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you realize what a great in inspirations and friend you are to me. I hope I can and have blessed you as well. You helped me think of our current conditions in the best perspective - GODS. Thank you.