Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seeking and listening

    I know everyone's walk and experience with God is different and unique but I am always amazed at how when I relent and give in to what I "know" God's will is for me how things just fall into place. I made the decision to homeschool our daughter again, I did so all the way through 4th grade and had placed her in public school for 5th and a semester of 6th grade. I had felt God tugging at me for a while to make the change and homeschool her again so I got up one morning and said Ok God lets do this. Within 2 days all of  my curriculum had fallen into place and the one subject math that I needed to buy was provided through a friend. Two weeks after that my husband was placed on second shift at work which is 3-11 but because he is a supervisor his paperwork puts him home after 1 AM sometimes. So, he would have never seen his daughter if she was still in public school. Now we just have our family time in the beginning of the day and school in the afternoon and the evening. It works for us and there is peace. I also had felt Gods prompting in placing her in public school and soon after I did I was diagnosed with cancer and it was a blessing for her to be in our local public school while I was on that journey. The lesson in all this is listen, He sees the big picture, He has the birds eye view. I know it is hard and we think we want control, but if I got everything I always prayed for I would be in a heap of trouble. It reminds me of an old Garthe Brooks song, Thank God for unanswered prayers. My question is do you think NO is that God has not answered or that wait is not an answer ?  I think sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that if we don't hear yes then God was not listening, He is listening all the time. Be patient my friends and let God be God and work in your life, even when hard and bad things happen, He is working. Have you ever heard the expression "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? Well our God is pretty good at that, let him make lemonade with the lemons you have been dealt. Some of the most sour lemons in my life have made the sweetest lemonade later.    

  Just breathe!
Trust, seek and be patient
 and you shall find your answer.

Love, Kimberley

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