Saturday, June 28, 2014

Free is good.

    Went to a few yard sales today totally by accident. I just happen to see a few while driving by. I nabbed a ton of great material that I can make French memory boards with or throw pillows and I only paid a dollar for it all. Then I nabbed 3 frames for a quarter each, they can easily be painted and up-cycled. Then on the way home I found a free table that someone had at the end of their driveway to give away and I plan on painting that and placing it on my back patio with a plant on it. Overall a pretty productive day. I also get to customize these items to fit me. The weekend is not over so get out there and find some deals.

Have a great weekend and happy decorating
Love, Kimberley
My favorite flower, I even had these in my bridal bouquet 19 years ago. Wow time flies.

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