Saturday, June 28, 2014

Freshening up the front porch

    Well out here in the country we decorate our front porches. Mine needed a little face lift so of course I went to my stash of decorations in my basement first. I decided to use the basket to place an antique tin water pitcher I found sometime back at a yard sale for $2. The basket will keep it from blowing off the porch when wind comes. I love the simpleness of the water pitcher and I knew I would use it at some point, glad I grabbed it at the sale when I saw it. I bought a basket vase with flowers in it for a dollar at a thrift store recently and I mainly bought it for the flowers which I used to put in my tin pitcher and also to place in my wreath as well. The basket vase the flowers came in is "Ok" and of course I will keep it to re-purpose it in the future, never throw anything away. I threw in a old antique skillet to give it an antique, farmhouse feel but also to add weight to the basket so it won't move or blow off the Apple crate I keep on the porch to place flowers and such on.
Close up of my basket
My basket on my apple crate on my porch

I added some more of the flowers to my vine wreath I keep on the door. I love these because you can change them out with the change of seasons.
This is a better look of my front door.

I put out our American flag, Fourth of July is right around the corner. I love the way an American flag looks and sounds blowing in the wind.

I ended the evening watching a beautiful sunset, you cannot get much better then that.

Lots of love, Kimberley

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