Monday, July 21, 2014

Table Re-do

   I have had this console table a long time. I cannot remember where I got it, whether a yard sale or if it was given to me. It had a few layers of paint on it when I got it. It had blue and green and I had painted it white. I decided I wanted to antique it and give it a new "old" look. I sanded it down and sanded all the way down to the natural wood along the edges and down edges of the legs. I then used some light brown satin paint we had left over from a former project. I watered it down 1 part paint 2 parts water, it made it more like a stain then paint. I mixed it well and brushed 2 layers on. The paint was thin enough that the natural wood color on the edges still showed through. After it dried completely I put a coat of polyurethane on it and there ya go. It has a primitive look as far as the finish so it looks great with milk glass on it. I placed it under a great painting I have and it now dresses up my hallway upstairs. This took me a few hours one night after my daughter went to bed and I placed the polyurethane on it the next day. Small tables are pretty easy to find at thrift shops and yard sales and are fun to paint and re-do and practice on.
Happy painting !
Love, Kimberley

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