Saturday, August 23, 2014

I live in a ZOO

  Why do I have two cats, two rabbits, two fish and a dog you ask? The answer is my sweet daughter, who loves animals very much. Animals are a "big" responsibility for our family and especially Mom (me). If you are a mom then you know what I mean. I do assign as many responsibilities as possible for the animals to my daughter because I believe it teaches her to be responsible for someone other then herself. It most importantly teaches her compassion, she has to care for them when they are sick and feed them when they are hungry and witness their distress if she forgets. It changes the center of her thinking from not just thinking of herself when she has to care for something living and breathing that depends on her. We all as a family learn a lot just from watching the interaction of all these animals with each other. Its a three ring circus in the mornings and evenings when the animals all start playing and chasing each other to get their wiggles out. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that although the commitment is big and you have to think about pee and poo all the time because of walking the dog, emptying the rabbit cage, cleaning the fish tank and cleaning littler pans for the cats that its worth it. It is worth it when I go to kiss my daughter good night and three heads pop up from under her sheets or from behind her pillow or from under the bed. Three little faces that are my daughters companions. When I look outdoors and see her cuddling her rabbits and swinging on the swing with them I sigh and realize all the extra hassle is worth it. And between you and me I like cuddling with the animals as much as she does and me and Smokey the cat, we have our own language.
Lots of love, Kimberley

Maggie and Milly

Dolly and Dixie

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Does the world have a map? said...

Bandit and Archie are so cute, and I did not know that you got 2 new rabbits. I like there names Dolly and Dixie. :)