Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall fun !

   My daughter and I entered a pie baking contest at church. There were only maybe eight entries but it was still stinking fun to win. I embarrassed my daughter when I screamed wahoo at the top of my lungs while throwing my arms in the air when they announced we won. However, no else new but my daughter and I that I had forgotten about the contest. So we got up that morning and we banged out a pie with what we had and invented the recipe that morning. So it was quite an accomplishment to just get it done and to the church on time much less win. Apple cranberry pie with a brown sugar crunch topping. That was the ticket !! Baking can be fun with your kids. Let them do some inventing and you will be surprised at the accomplishment they feel.
Wahoo !!!!!!!!!!!

Eat your heart out !
Love, Kimberley

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