Tuesday, October 6, 2015


     Exhale and find that safe place to be real and let it go, you never know who is going through the same thing as you. We are here to sing God's glory and share in this life with others and hold each other up and help each other along towards a relationship with God. If we try to glide through life solo then we are missing the point.

Exhale, it will be OK
Love, Kimberley
Exhale- Plumb
Words to the song Exhale- Plumb


Gleniece Lytle said...

Hello, Kimberly,
I just wanted to connect with you and send you my love. We may not know each other, but if we are believers in Christ we are indeed related. Sisters, really.
Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement. I appreciate them very much.
Love to you from Arizona.

Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...


Yes we are indeed related, sisters in Christ. I guess I need a lot of encouragement my self so I love to encourage others and remind other women they are not alone. We all have an individual journey but we are not as alone in our journeys as we think. Thanks for reaching out and I hope we can encourage each other more on our journey.

Love, Your sister in Christ,