Monday, November 18, 2013

Be willing !!

Some thoughts on availability!
    As I am getting older I am realizing that when you just make yourself available to things that God throws in your path that doing the Lords work really is not all that hard. I learned that lesson "again" today. He just wants us to reach out to one another. Sometimes we spend so much time getting ready to be available to help others that we "miss" good opportunities. The lady that walked by crying keeps walking because I chose to look the other way, the stressed out mom at Wal-Mart doesn't get the "I understand" pat on the back she needed all because I was to busy or busy getting ready to go on a mission trip so I keep walking. There is absolutely nothing wrong with mission trips, a lot of people get help from those willing people that stop their life and go serve. Just don't loose site of all the "opportunities" all around you that sometimes just take a minute. A kind words affects can last a lifetime or steer a ship getting ready to crash to safety so to speak. I am saying all this because I had a Doctors appointment today and on my way out I remembered a new friends appointment time was coming up at a office in the same building as the one I was in and she was entering her second week of radiation treatments for bladder cancer. I am a cancer survivor I can relate to what's going through her head but I almost just left and went about my day. However, I stopped and went back in and was able to find the office easily. I walked in and she was sitting right there and was so happy to see a face of someone who cared enough to come see her. I prayed with her and talked with her a minute and all that took maybe 4 minutes. Then on my way to my car in the parking lot I saw another woman who I know is struggling with addiction recovery and I stopped to see how she was and gave her some words of encouragement, which took about 60 seconds. So, there ya go. That took five minutes of my time but two women were touched and encouraged because I was willing. Some would not call my Doctors appointment today a mission trip, but I do. Work on making yourself willing, open your eyes to the beautiful world around you and you might be surprised at what you can fit in to help those around you.

Lots of love,

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Dawn in VA said...

Love you! Great perspective :). Thank you ~