Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My cat !


I cannot believe I am saying "my cat". I have been an avid cat hater for as long as I can remember. Somewhere along the line I thought I disliked cats, I am not totally sure why. We have always tried to have dogs but we have been through 5 over the course of 18 years of marriage and we always give them "BACK". When we moved in to our 100 year old farmhouse recently in the middle of beautiful orchard country my daughter pleaded for a cat. How can you have a great farm house without a cat, right. So, what's a girl to do? My daughter's childhood will be over soon and she is getting older quick so we decided to go for it. Well, I am in love ladies, with a dern cat. As you can see I am the fool sitting in the box playing with Smokey Blue, the cat. I don't have to walk him, bathe him, and he does not bark. He is the perfect fit for our family. Although he talks back, that's right, he talks back. Leave it to me to pick out a cat with a smart mouth. But I love sitting in the house when it's cold or raining and realizing I do not have to go outside and walk around in circles for 10 minutes waiting for my dog to find the perfect spot to pee. Nope, I hear Smokey scratching in his box and I know the deed is done. wahooo ! Well, I have to clean the litter box but that's only every few days. So there ya go Miss Contentment is content with a cat. Smokey played with these boxes for weeks before I got rid of them, they were free, my groceries were put in them at a local discount warehouse I go. As long as a cat has a box they are happy. You do not have to spend a bundle, just give them any boxes you acquire and you are good to go. The boxes are also good for people to play in as you can see above. Oh my !!
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a.jones said...

Ha, that is so funny you are a cat person! I love Smokey Blue, he's cute - Jordan will be so jealous. I am sure you will have lots of funny cat stories.