Thursday, November 21, 2013

Curtains for your doorways

   Curtains are an inexpensive way to add a little something to door ways in your home that do not have doors .Curtains can also block certain rooms at night that you do not need to heat. You can keep it pulled back during the day and draw the curtain closed at night. Up North that helps us keep the gas bill lower. I think it adds a homey touch as well. It reminds me of homes in the mid 1800's and early 1900's, it was very normal to have curtains in the door ways for function and style. I bought this tension rod for about $8.00 or you can use a shower curtain rod. I bought the curtain at Target for $16.00. Be careful to by a panel curtain that is the same on both sides. One with a print only on one side will not look right. If you can sew then the possibilities are endless, I however cannot sew. So this target panel curtain that was the same on both sides worked for us. Total cost was $24.00 I already had a Hook that we utilized for pulling the curtain back with as you see above. You should be able to find something pretty reasonable or just tie some raffia around it to keep it held back.
Love, Kimberley

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