Friday, November 29, 2013

Homemade bulletin board


Above is a bulletin board I recently made and is now displayed in my pantry room I am decorating. I will be sharing that room with you soon. I use the board to place grocery lists or phone messages on. I have a terrible memory so I need all the help I can get. This whole project cost me NOTHING but it can also be done for very cheap if you don't have the things that you need. I used a curtain I already had, an old frame I have had for years, some left over foam board I had from my daughters science project a few months ago, and there ya go a bulletin board. Wahoo !!!!!! Below are the steps to make your own if you are interested.
Have fun! Love, Kimberley
Step 1 - Find a frame and remove the glass
Step 2 - remove the back of the frame and cut a
 piece of foam board that fits inside the
border of the frame.

Step 3 - Use what ever cloth you have or find
 some on SALE and cut it to fit the foam board.

Step 4 - Hot glue the corners so it will stay in place.

Step 5 - Staple around the edges to further stabilize
 the cloth on the board.
Step 6 - Pace your foam board with the cloth that you glued and stapled on the foam board in the frame. Now stabilize it however the frame is designed to do so. Mine had staples in the back that you just bend over, it was pretty simple to secure the board to
the frame.


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