Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lure them back with the smells and sounds of HOME !

Ok here is another very frugal idea to incorporate into your thinking while working to make your house a home.
Atmosphere creates an environment that makes people comfortable and makes you want to come back. Restaurants do this very thing all the time to lure us back. We can do this very thing in our homes. The human brain recalls memories from resent times and from long ago from the smells and sounds they remember. I want my husband and child to look forward to coming home and look forward to the sounds and smells of home just like they do their favorite restaurants like Cracker Barrel or Oh Charley's.  It can be done and below are a few frugal ideas.
  • Save fruit peelings and simmer them with a touch of cinnamon on your stove. It makes the house smell amazing. This is a frugal alternative to Potpourri which can be expensive at home stores.
  • Candles burning are always a way to bring a little ambiance and they smell nice too. Light them about 15 minutes before your family coming home. You don't have to have Yankee candles, although they are my favorite. You can  find candles at the dollar store, scented ones as well.  
  • If you have a computer then Pandora radio is available for free. Play some soft music for a feeling of peacefulness. OR on Friday night play some favorite music loudly and set the stage for FRIDAY NIGHT along with Pizza and hot wings in the oven. When we have Mexican food we listen to the appropriate music or when we have Italian food we listen to some themed music that sounds like something you may hear at The Olive Garden.
  • If you have a permanent hot drink station set up like I have mentioned in earlier posts then have some homemade cookies set out so your family can enjoy them along with a hot drink.
I think you get the idea, Find ways to create atmosphere in your home so that home is more than 4 walls, home is an inviting atmosphere that you and your family want to be.

Love, Kimberley

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